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The Sundered Skies Serial! (contains some serious SPOILERS)
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:54 pm    Post subject: The 22nd to 25th session.... which we won't talk about yet. Reply with quote

Just to keep everything in order... I'll update this post in a few months.
Why in a few months? Because that's when the adventure I wrote will be pubblished. This time in German. Smile
The Sundered Skies Serial - full of spoilers!
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Joined: 19 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not sure how many playtest sessions we had. I think it was three. Could've been four.
After almost two years (not counting the mentioned playtests), I finally got the gang back together. Having a kid kinda does that to you. Still, my daughter is the greatest adventure yet.
But this report, this serial is not about her. It is about a group of heroes, trying to save the Sundered Skies by fulfilling the prophecy of a mad god.

At the end of their last adventure, they picked up a new crew member. A human priest of the Battlelord named Petiron, played by a new member of the group, Andy.
That would be an interesting addition: with 10xp, it was the first time I ever had a bunch of (near-)Legendary characters accompanied by a Novice. It worked out pretty fine. Would've been even better if Andy had a little more luck with the dice.... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

They also had acquired a Frigate and a banged-up doppleganger ship. Traveling to Plenty, the first order of business was to get drunk, I mean, sell off the extra boat.
With Lana gone, they still don't have a bonafide captain who runs the business of the ship, so the task of haggling fell to Kazzag. Yes, the mean elf. Still, he had the best shot at this. He found a prospective buyer and started haggling. The best offer he got was 4.000 cogs. Meager pickings, or so he thought. He tried raising it to at least 4.500, then 4.200... then he didn't know how to accept the four without losing face. Then it hit him:
"Tell you what: 4.000 and she's yours - IF you agree to name the boat after me!"

Later, in one of the many taverns, the group hunkered down thinking about their next move. (In real life, the players tried to remember what the heck the campaign had been about. Weren't there relics of some sort? Did they have any yet?)
Bored, Hope wandered around and got to talking with a fellow named Samar, who told her of unheard riches on Star Crater Isle.
Hope was excited for more adventures, now, that she had regained Raven's favor (playtest! Sorry, promised not to tell prior to publishing).
The rest of the group, was more... careful. They grilled Samar for a long while until they finally agreed to go with him to Star Crater Isle and share in the mother lode of the Iron Citadel!

Niador broke through the brick wall with relative ease. Inside that first chamber, there waited the "Buffalo Bill golem" (on account of the human skin...)
After half a year of no Savage goodness, it took a while for the rust to come off, but after a few rounds, the sparks were flying again. Henley tried some tricks, they gangeg up on the thing and Hope was using Lower Trait to good extent. Even when the thing exploded, it didn't really scratch anybody.

Petiron dropped his scraggy little rib blade and pulled an arm from the debris, shoulder blade still attached. It was an improvised axe, sure, but still more formidable then the bony thing he had had before. And as a priest of the Battle Lord he did deserve something more formidable, right?

While the rest of the group wondered on how to rip out walls and floor and ceilings, Hope wandered to the far end. When she placed her hand against it, ripples sprang from it, as if a pebble had been thrown into a pond. So what did she do next? Why, stick her head in, of course!
She was sucked into the wall and disappeared before anybody could say anything.
At first, Henley and Kazzag celebrated that they were finally rid of the annoying alpha priestess, but eventually relented and Kazzag was the first to follow the wildling into the unkown. One by one, they did.

In the Arrival Hall it was again Hope (Curiousity will kill the cat wildling sooner or later...) who opened the window. But it was Kazzag who got it first that they were in Hell. Samar and Hope panicked, but quickly recovered their senses when they found the iron... everything in the next hall. They started packing up. And then the maulers came. They barricaded themselves back in the Arrival Hall behind some iron chairs, but the cover, of course, worked both ways. Eventually, the maulers broke through and most interestingly, it turned out that the maulers had been safer from the heroes due to the medium cover than the over way around.
Some wounds were sustained, Petiron almost lost an arm. But thanks to an adventure card or two and Hope's healing abilities, they were able to move on and try to locate the "presence" they had felt just now.

It took them four hours of backtracking (and an hour of resting and healing). Samar died in a corridor of saw blades, Perinot almost perished as well. That was a loooonnng corridor. I downplayed the trip somewhat as I only counted one face card per hour, not everyone. That would've easily resulted in a total party kill. Still, Kazzag and Niador almost starved and died of thirst, respectively, so the danger of the place wasn't downplayed at all.
With the heroes out of bennies and the night getting late, I skipped the freeing of the ghosts in the wall. They couldn't have handled the ensuing fight.

So they made it to Jophiel. Since this was The Big Reveal of the campaign, I paraphrased his speech once, let it sink in, then read them to them once more. And It really did sink in.

Once they were back in the Arrival Hall and Jophiel opened the portal, they saw the huge host of Hell's army and lined up for a last stand. Whoever would survive, if there was one, would finish the job and save the soul shield.
Then, the ghosts of Orcbane's armor appeared.
Henley shrugged at them. "Running away, are you?"
But the ghosts said no. They would fight, one last time, with him. And that they'd brought others.
The ghosts from the walls started filing in.

The battle commenced. And in the very first round, Kazzag's Knowledge Battle roll took out 5 of the undead army's tokens!
So the Black General appeared. He and Niador foought against each other tooth and nail and tail and sword, with none gaining a true advantage. The others took care of the General's entourage... then, together, they dragged him down and killed him. In the end, it was a blow of Henley's that killed him. Or Kazzag, the accounts differ. Smile

We wrapped it up there. Rich and happy to have survived, with even more determination to find the other relics. Their sidequests will have to wait.
And we hope we won't have to wait another two years for the next session.
The Sundered Skies Serial - full of spoilers!
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